Revisions Policy

Revisions are limited dependant on package or as set out as agreed upon within your contract with Dan AKG. If no revisions policy exists within your contract the following will take precedence.

Starter Business Package

Two (2) rounds of revisions included within this package.

$999 – $1499 Packages

Three (3) rounds of revisions included within this packages.

$2499 Package

Four (4) rounds of revisions included within this packages. 

How to request a revision.

When requesting a revision you should make sure to thoroughly go over the whole website and note down your requests in a word document. If there are pictures you would like to add, name the files accordingly and reference them within your word document.

I ran out of free revisions… now what?

If you run out of free revisions you can always top up by buying more revisions by clicking here. Once you have purchased a revision, I will contact you directly or you can send me your revision request as normal. If you are having technical issues that are not of your doing, please contact me and we will do our best to troubleshoot at no expense.

I have no free revisions… I just need a minor change!

If you are just looking to alter a minor detail on your website we can talk.  You can check the price list for a variety of minor changes here.