With the rise of social media people often question whether they need a website to promote their business. The question ‘Do I really need a website?’ gets tossed around often on the Small Business Facebook pages I frequent. Let me give you the short answer: Yes, yes you do!

Websites are an online platform for businesses small and large. This online platform allow customers, potential employees and business partners to access the business 24/7, 365 days a year. People are searching for you online.

Websites help you to generate business and deliver marketing materials online. Your website is the one stop shop to what services your business has to offer. This does not necessarily mean that the website has to be an e-commerce website. In fact, many websites solely provide information and the communication tools needed in order to access your products or services. Essentially, you want to make an online presence.

An online presence leads your business to being competitive in the marketplace. Websites add an instant credibility to your business for the reason that your business is accessible online. Websites are often the first interaction someone has with your business. Your website showcases your expertise. As a result, the first interaction is your opportunity to make a strong lasting impression on the readers.

What is your elevator speech? Businesses must be able to take the concept of the elevator speech and create that presence online. Your website is the tool that you use to draw people into your business. A professional looking website that answers questions quickly is more likely to attract someone compared to a business with no website at all.